Megan Grogan '23

Horoscopes for 2023 

If you didn’t know, horoscopes give information about the present or future based on the position of the universe, including the sun, moon, planets, and heavens. Some people believe that everything in the universe is interrelated in some way. Although they may not be true, they are fun to read!

Aries-Although the beginning of your year was slow, your abundance of energy and competitive overdrive will send you into a stride of creativity. You know what you want, and you have good intentions. Rely on your friends, for they are there to support you and your endeavors. Take some risks because there are zero limits on your confidence, so ask that someone special to prom!

Aquarius- You are the cheerleader and supporter for everyone else, but it is time to take time for yourself because you can’t love others until you love yourself. Make some positive changes this year, and remember to have fun. Grow in your relationships, and if some are suffocating, try approaching them differently.

Capricorn-You are going to have to make a sacrifice and drop a bad habit, but you have so many blessings in your life. Your ambitious attitude will continue, but some blessings will slow you down, so you take in life for a little while. This is your time to embrace your unique, true self. It’s time to try new things and experiment because you only live once!

Scorpio-There is a lot of growth in store for you this year, and there will be obstacles, but you got this. Although you are very independent and confident, you will have to let others help you. Your curiosity will get the best of you, but you will find genuine, rewarding relationships.

Pisces- You will have to face harsh realities, tough conversations, and obstacles, but they will only help you grow into a better person. Don’t neglect your friendships or yourself. Find balance in your relationships. Recognize your worth and talents because you deserve to feel good about your accomplishments. Work on your creative and talented self this year.

Libra-Although the beginning of this year was tough, there will not be too many ups and downs. Your wellness and social life with be transformed this year. You will make new friends, but the old relationships are still present and thriving. This is a time to take risks and feel good about your decisions because you have it all together!

Gemini-This year you will be faced with breakdowns and miscommunications, but being the social butterfly that you are, you will get through it. You have a game plan this year, and those goals will get done. This will help you find new ways to cope with stress and become more open-minded from what you have learned. Your friends on going to be the biggest support on your soul-searching journey.

Taurus-All areas of your life will be majorly impacted this year, but it is also a year of celebrating you and all you have accomplished. Therefore, have a really big birthday celebration! Although you are stubborn and strong-willed, be self-aware to control your negative qualities and be unstoppable. Set high goals and learn to adapt to change; you’ll be golden! Focus more on your relationships because they will help you live a more fulfilling life.

Cancer-This year will be challenging, but if you focus hard enough on growth, you can overcome anything. Although you are happy with blending in, you will call attention to yourself this year. You will be motivated to begin new things, but you will need something or someone to hold you accountable, so you get it done. You will expand your social circle this year and maybe even find your soulmate.

Leo-You are a proud lion but do not let that get in the way this year. Don’t forget about your friendships because they will support you and provide networking opportunities for you. Let people help you, and keep an open mind with new ways of doing things. Let people into your life and learn to co-exist. Although this year hasn’t given you the attention you need, your birthday will give you all the attention you deserve!

Virgo-This will be a very successful year for you, especially in your career and dreams. Starting in the summer and going into the fall will get you out of your same-old routine and help you try new things. You are a master of communication and information, so use that to your advantage and know what you want, especially in relationships.

Sagittarius-Your life is a great, big adventure, but you need to take some time to reevaluate and listen to yourself. You can get caught up in the excitement of the world, but you need to center yourself to reach the new heights waiting for you. There will be obstacles but look to your family for support and take advantage of all your days. Keep traveling and learning, but also exercise your ability to be patient.