Goodbye 2022-2023 L-Team!


As Eva put it, “so is this whole thing going to be like ‘so we tried to interview L-Team and … they’re excited…’?”. So, we definitely did try to interview L-Team, and they definitely are excited for college, and this transcript definitely is not the full interview with every laugh, giggle, and interruption because that would simply be too much for this new website to handle! To put it simply, though, it is obvious that this is a great group of girls who have had a lot of fun together over the past year and I am proud to have had them as our 2022-2023 L-Team! Now, on to the severely reduced version of the interview that Sadie Walker ’26 and I, Sophia DiPrimeo ’23 had with the 2022-2023 L-Team: Isha Mankar – President, Lizzie Unger – Vice President, Jenna Garzone – Secretary, and Eva Borkowski – Treasurer (I hope this doesn’t embarrass them too much in, oh twenty years or so):

Sadie Walker: What accomplishment are you most proud of on L-Team or just at Naz in general?

Jenna Garzone: I’d say winning districts for basketball and soccer this year, well not me personally winning, but the team winning

Lizzie Unger: I’m going to say going to states for swim and making all-catholic all four years

Isha Mankar: Generally, I’d say boosting morale in school and probably – this is not Naz-related – getting nominated for an award for theater

JG: —if I were you I would have said going to Penn, but—

Eva Borkowski: the school one was that we tried to get the students involved in activities as much as possible, kind of create more of a community – we tried to do that – and personal would be getting – not rejected from Harvard – I got waitlisted

Sophia DiPrimeo: Do you have a favorite memory?

IM: Actually my favorite memory is Lizzie tripping down twenty flights of stairs

LU: —Oh my gosh I saw my life flash before my eyes, I actually thought I was going to die, that was so scary —

IM: people need to know that occurred; thankfully it was just me and Lizzie on the stairs that day

LU: that was a scary time

IM: that was a personal one, like an L-team one

JG: Like from high school?

SD: preferably? No middle school memories…

EB: My favorite middle school memory was…

IM: Kairos would be my top-top one

LU: —Yeah, I feel like I agree Kairos this year

EB: One of my favorite memories is either prom. I loved either prom, that was fun. And then after the senior snowball dance. We went out to eat and that was one of my highlights

IM: I had fun at prom

EB: —Junior prom was fun

JG: I literally think just taking nothing seriously – like in the best way possible – just goofing off 24/7 the entire time; I can’t pinpoint

IM: —like a general class—

JG: or like Mr. Meredith… Sports even I feel like I just did anything but practice…

LU: My favorite of Jenna was when she threw the ball and she knocked off Chris’s nail – that was the funniest thing

JG: Yeah like I threw the ball at my coach’s fingernail

JG: To put it, I’d just say goofing off the entire time and trying to make everything funny

SD: What are your college plans, officially

IM: I’m going to UPenn, majoring in international relations and pre-law

LU: I’m going to Saint Mary’s of Notre Dame for nursing

JG: I’m going to Villanova and I’m undecided

EB: I’m going to Saint Joe’s University for their physician assistant track

SW: As you start your new journey, what are you most looking forward to?

IM: I’m actually so excited for my room, because it’s a suite, and it’s apartment style. Other than that I really don’t want to make friends. — well I do want to make friends, I was just really sad about leaving here, that I wouldn’t find as good friends

JG: —so ~irreplaceable~—

IM: so I was like I’m not going to find any friends, but then I found my roommate and it’s fine

EB: —I’ll pop over to UPenn’s campus

LU: I’ll fly home on the weekends

LU: Probably taking classes that are interesting, like

EB: —career specific—

LU: yeah, like with the simulation labs and stuff, doing things like that

JG: well now I feel like a dork if I say “I’m excited for basketball games” and you’re like “I’m excited to set up my career”

IM: well I said I don’t want to make friends so… but really I’m just scared to start over after four years of being so comfortable and I have to be like “what’s your favorite color?”

Eva: I’m not ready to sit in a class and be like “I like your backpack” or like “do you want to get food after this?”

IM: —the amount of times we’re going to get asked what our major is in college just so we can start a conversation…

JG: well, I’m excited for basketball games and meeting new people and finding new friends 😉

IM: you know what, I am excited to meet new people, for the record, I’m just scared to make new friends.

EB: how am I supposed to follow all that – I’m excited to meet people from all over, I feel like living in Bensalem and

JG: —don’t go smacking on Bensalem—

EB: I have nothing against Bensalem, but I’m excited to meet people from all over and learn about their experiences, I feel like it would be nice to make new friends

SD: Okay, fun fact?

JG: I have a 47?-year old sister who’s born on the same day as me. 29 years apart, I can’t do math, I’m 18, so yeah she’s 47 but born on the same day, 29 years apart

IM: I almost died in a car safari – okay, there’s a story behind this

JG: —how is this fun? —

IM: I almost got eaten by a lion. So I was on this drive-thru safari zoo thing with my family in Canada when I was visiting when I was like 10, I was in the passenger seat and my dad was driving and there were 8 other family members – this was a huge van – and every single place there was a sign that said “don’t put your windows down, DO NOT feed the animals” because it was wild animals. We thought we locked every window in the car just to be safe, we’re passing the lion exhibit, the lion’s just walking past our car, and my elbow puts the window down as the lion is walking past and everyone starts screaming in the car, which doesn’t help, and the lion just turned its head and started paying attention to us, so I just rolled up the window really fast, but we were driving past and it was about to run toward us, but then the guy in the cage thing fed it food

JG: —why was the guy in the cage?? —

IM: like one of those cage trucks, he was one of the patrollers

JG: —you can tell we get a lot done—

EB: I have mine, I met Gritty, the guy who’s in the Gritty suit, the Flyers mascot, I know who’s inside that

SD: Lizzie?

JG: Lizzie’s a goofball

LU: I have an axolotl, but it died, it’s a fish kind of thing

IM: Lizzie went to the Tay-Tay concert!

SW: What advice would you give to Naz students (incoming or existing)?

JG: I would say get involved as much as possible

LU: —I was gonna say that—

JG: and even if you think either you don’t like something or you’re not good at it, I would say still give it a try, because, gonna be brutally honest with you, soccer was never, never my thing

IM: —really? —

JG: oh my gosh no, I don’t know how to kick a soccer ball – and I say that with the utmost confidence

IM: —varsity soccer captain here—

JG: if it was life or death and your life is on the line and you’re like kick a soccer ball or teach somebody how to kick a soccer ball, properly, I’d be dead. But still, I made the most of it and honestly, it was one of the best decisions I made because I met so many people and goofed off the entire time and it was so much fun. And we won!

EB: talk to everybody, because you never know who you’re going to meet, so just don’t be afraid to reach out to somebody

LU: kind of what Jenna said, try everything – don’t be scared to try. I did sports and music and don’t be scared that it’ll be too much

JG: —Lizzie did it all—

LU: people here will help you figure it out and just do what you want to do, don’t let anything hold you back

IM: I feel like Lizzie is Jenna and me combined – anyways I would say, yeah get involved, don’t be afraid to talk to people, and also as much as you would want to complain about all the tests, all the stuff, appreciate everything. Take a second to think about where you are and appreciate everything everyone does for you all the time – the teachers, student council, everybody in every department. They’re really rooting for you and trying to make your experience the best. Just don’t be, as Mrs. Gravely would say, a “Negative Nancy” about everything. If something’s cringey, and I will admit, things are cringey, but just suck it up, that’s the high school experience, you’re not going to get this time back, get involved do everything, don’t think anything’s weird, because it’s genuinely not. Nothing is ever embarrassing and nothing you’re interested in is going to ever be embarrassing.

JG: —Be as cringey as possible—

IM: yeah, be as cringey as possible now, so you have fun memories, so in college, you’ll be like, wow I was like that, and then you won’t be like that. Get all the cringe out now. Coming from someone who was literally insane freshman year

SD: Any final words you want to say?

IM: It was nice knowing you

JG: Thank you for the music

Literally everyone: Aww!

LU: Jenna’s inner singer coming out

IM: Thank you for the sports

IM: Have fun Nazareth, it’s been a good run

EB: Go full cringe. You’ll always be my sisters.