Super Bowl Prediction

Maura Gilligan '26

Even if you don’t watch football, you still support your team especially if they’re in the Superbowl. This year’s Superbowl, with the Eagles and the Chiefs, should be a good matchup. Many are calling it the Kelce Bowl because of brothers Jason and Travis Kelce playing against each other. I predict that the Eagles will win Super Bowl LVII. I know that might sound biased, but I believe that the Eagles are a better team, and they will come through with a win. Both the Eagles and Chiefs offenses produce about 28.7 points per game so it should be interesting how this plays out.
The Eagles ended the season with a record of 14-3. In two of those losses they were missing their starting quarterback, Jalen Hurts. I think the team plays better and is more confident when we have Jalen Hurts as QB. He is very efficient at running the ball himself, with his 13 rushing touchdowns this season, which will help a lot in winning this game. The Eagles’ offensive line, with three pro bowlers, does an amazing job protecting him. This offense has many weapons such as wide receivers Aj Brown and Devonta Smith, tight end Dallas Goedert, and running back Miles Sanders which, I believe will all have a good game on Sunday. The Eagles also have a very solid defense. They led the NFL in sacks this year with 70. Our defense has many key pieces such as Pro Bowlers Hassan Reddick and Darius Slay. Hassan Reddick, in his first year with Philadelphia, has produced 4 forced fumbles, 12 sacks, and 9 QB hits. He has made his mark as a defensive player on this team and I believe he will have a big role in winning this Super Bowl. Even though the Chiefs have a good team with a highly-rated quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, a top-three tight end, Travis Kelce, and a solid defense, I still think the Eagles will win. I feel that the Eagles have more motivation and will play more aggressively to take home the win. The fans will also help by making this feel like a home game. They always motivate their team and cheer them on. I predict that the final score will be Eagles 31 and Chiefs 24