Seniorly Advice


Eva Donnelly '23

They aren’t kidding when they say those four years at Nazareth go by like the blink of an eye. It hurts my heart that such an amazing and memorable four years at Nazareth is part of my past now. Part of me is excited to take on the new adventures of college, but there’s also a part of me that is going to miss my home away from home on Grant Avenue. Since I’ve just completed my senior year of high school, I am going to list some advice I want to give the new under and upperclassmen of Nazareth that I wish I had known at that point in time.

  1. Try hard all the way through the end: As your years at Nazareth go by, it’s easy to start slacking when it comes to academics when you approach the end. But it is so important that you stay motivated and push through until the end of each year because, in the end, it
    will be so worth it!
  2. Get to know everyone around you: I found that I met so many amazing people during my time at Nazareth, but, at the same time, I feel like I didn’t get to really know the other girls around me. It is super fun to have a friend group to rely on in high school, but it is so important that you get to know the other girls in your grade and even other grades. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but it is important that you stay open and give everyone a shot!
  3. Start the college process early: I really want to emphasize this advice because you will thank me in the end. The college process can sound scary but trust me, it’s not bad if you are prepared. Sophomores and juniors, start visiting schools and keeping those grades up to get a good GPA to send to schools. In August before your senior year hits, get right on that Common App before you start to stress during your senior year.
  4. Connect with teachers: I had some strong connections with some of the teachers that taught me at Nazareth. Having those little connections not only mean a lot to the teacher but you will appreciate them too. Teachers can also be friends!!!