2023 Valedictorian: Meghan Scott


Francesca Ellis '23

The Valedictorian for the class of 2023 is Meghan Scott. On the day that her accomplishment was announced, Meghan says that “Everyone saw the shock on my face,” but surprise wasn’t the only thing she was feeling. “I was really excited because it felt like all my hard work for the past four years had kind of paid off…it felt really good.” In addition to being a great student, Meghan has been an integral part of the Nazareth community for the past four years. Continuing with her work as president of the National Honors society, Meghan offered advice to succeed in school as she has. She says “learning what works best for you…like what studying tips…and how to manage your time and juggle different things at once through trial and error…and not being afraid to ask for help!” As a member of student council, Naz-A-Thon, Pandas Stand Up, and many honors societies, you have probably seen Meghan working hard around the school. She is also a great athlete, and will continue her diving career at Villanova. Our school is so proud of what you’ve done here, Meghan, and we know you’ll do great at Villanova next year!