New Teacher, Ms. Scarpello

Lucy Boyd '26

Ms. Scarpello is our new Freshmen Theology teacher! She has only been a teacher for a year and has decided to spend her second at NAHS. She attended Villa Joseph Marie High School for Girls and taught there the year previous. Before coming to Nazareth, Ms. Scarpello taught upperclassmen. However, she says she enjoys being a freshmen teacher because she can “comfort and guide us during our first year of high school.”

Although she is our Freshmen Theology teacher, she originally was a biology major. When reflecting after her first year she realized she wanted to mentor and help people grow in their faith. Of course, there was a bit more planning and work involved, such as the reason she chose to teach at Nazareth Academy. She says that she “loves the all-girls education” because it provides a great community of sisterhood. She has never done block scheduling before but enjoys it because she has extra time to finish a lesson and create a discussion. One thing she would like to tell her students is, “Don’t get caught up in a sequence of events. Be patient and lean on God.” She has already made a significant impact on the underclassmen she teaches, as she nurtures their faith and love for God. We are so glad she is part of the Nazareth family! Welcome Ms. Scarpello!